Since 2004 the BBB Stores follow a unique conceptual pattern right before assumed to be a succesful store. Hard work, a dedicated team and quality products allied the competitive prices conquered the costumers that want to be fashoinable and well dressed with fair prices.

This scenario was decisive for the construction of new and wide spaces, as the main store that is sectored, for convenience of our customers. The accessories store brings several options of shoes, as well as varieties of bedclothes, table dressing and towels
The buildings follow architectural standards that value aesthetics and safety, as well as ample parking.



Sell high quality products, at the retail with closeout prices by the appreciation of the partner brands.


To be reference in big brands closeouts, for the providers to costumers.


Faith in God - Ethical Relationship - Respect, simplicity and transparency in the negotiations - Development among the society, officials and partners - Social Commitment - Environmental Responsibility - Welfare - IInovation.